experiment earth, welcome to the symbolization
where reality is stranger than fiction
and the truth that births is dispersed into codified inscriptus
unlocked and lifted by means of one key

“so what’s the word?”



Current Creative Activity

the next episode of Dark Matter Messages
modular immersive performance experiences
audio-visual-movement manuscript that embrace mixed reality
flow to and through
"traditional" venues, virtual spaces and THESE STREETS!

moved by how Octavia E. Butler invents worlds churning
with interrelated notions of humanness in her Parable Series
POP dreams Butler's work into
sonic textures, glitch scripts, 3D animated avatars, dance NFTs, improvisational offerings, transient metaverse moments
2D/3D movement generated data visualizations and
deliberate joy jams

swirling beyond thresholds
meeting at the in-between
opening gateways
to and through
"real" community-engaged places
powered by the people
like my beloved Leimert Park Village and
decentralized, community-governed virtual reality platforms
powered by blockchain technology

"radio imagination"
the kind of imagination that hears
"kinetic vision"
the kind of in/sight realized through movement

other thangs I BE

composer/sound designer
CONTRA-TIEMPE's, Agua Furiosa, and joyUS justUS
David Rousseve/REALITY's, Stardust and Halfway to Dawn
Wideman/Davis Dance, Ruptured Silence,
Meena Murugesan's, We Used to See This and Karuppu
Baker & Tarpaga Dance Project's Beautiful Struggle

Adisea Dawning, co-director w/ Meena Murugesan
7NMS|PROPHET, co-director w/ Meena Murugesan

Funkamental MediKinetics, movement system creator

Associate Professor of Practice at USC's Glorya Kaufman School of Dance

2021 National Dance Project Production Grant Awardee
2017 County of Los Angeles Performing Arts Fellow
2014 United States Artists Rockefeller Fellow